Color Consultations

  • It has been said that a musician can create everything from a rhapsody to a rap song based on the seven notes of the musical scale. Much like the six basic colors of the color wheel, they can be blended into a number of harmonious shades and hues. Bridgette Boylan Interiors will guide you through the myriad of color choices and combinations to arrive at a color palette that reflects your taste and personality. You undoubtedly have particular color preferences that will provide BBI with a starting point, but if you feel at a loss, start by looking in your closet at the colors you are drawn to in the clothing you wear… or to photographs you have taken, such as the one shown above. Go to your local paint store and begin pulling colors that first catch your eye; colors that evoke an emotional response from you. Then we will help you wade through the choices to create your own unique composition.