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    Anita BeyerOriginally from Mississippi Anita Beyer moved to Atlanta Georgia in 1991 after living in Chattanooga, TN for 9 years

    Anita spent most of her career in the corporate world with the last several years spent in the chemical industry. Those years in corporate were wonderful for her gaining business knowledge and huge in her personal development, as she set her eye on “supposedly” unobtainable goals & position and, achieving them. By becoming the youngest and the only female manger worldwide for the international chemical company. This was a huge accomplishment because she did not let the obvious, that she did not have a Chemical Engineering degree derail her goals. Anita accomplished this because of her take charge determination, knowledge and ability to run an organized and well versed department satisfying its customers! After many successful projects and accolades of management abilities, new goals were on her horizon.

    In January of 2002, Anita officially formed her own business. She realize that it was time to bring her dreams to fruition and start her business to help people transform their homes & lives, with a full service interior decorating and renovating business. Anita enjoys all aspect of the multi-dimensional business of interior decorating and renovating. Her favorite thing to do is making her clients’ dreams a reality; whether that is doing a complete home renovation from demolition to reconstruction or to personalizing a room or office. Orchestrating projects from start to finish and removing burdens and headaches from her clients is where Anita shines.

    Hobbies are working out at the gym & walking and having fun with friends. Anita also enjoys partner dances such as West Coast Swing and Hustle; also competed in these dances. She is very active in her community in volunteer programs and helping with local committees & charities.


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